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What is Online Early Childhood Professional Development Training?

Texas Early Childhood Teachers can now take professional development training courses all online. You have the freedom to work in your own time, at your own pace, and in your own space . It's easy to get started with step-by-step course instructions. Whether you're a beginner or a pro at online coursework, you have everything you need to acquire annual training right here. All workshops are based upon Texas Pre-k Guidelines and Kdg. TEKS.

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Everything is Online - No Travel Required!

Take it from me - this is the best online learning management system I've ever used. It's easy to navigate and uses a step by step process to ensure success! And, you'll be guided every step of the way with an instructor.

Learn At Your Own Pace

You have 90 days to complete each workshop/course and leave and come back, picking up where you leave off. Your course is open 24/7!

Guidance and Support

Ask questions and get feedback quickly from an instructor with a doctoral degree in early childhood and who is an expert in online learning. Contact me for more info here:  [email protected] or at (940) 999-3667

"Instructor - Early Childhood Professional Development / Training"

Dr. Karen Petty
Contact Support: [email protected] or (940) 999-3667

Become a part of Early Childhood Teachers' Professional Development now.

As a prekindergarten or kindergarten teacher in the state of Texas, you are required to fulfill a minimum number of Continuing Professional Education or CPE training clock hours from an approved CPE provider in order to renew your standard educator certificate every five years. This Early Childhood Professional Development training will provide professional growth as well as the documentation needed for requirements of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Rule ยง232.872. Trust your professional education/training from a native Texan and experienced public school prekindergarten and kindergarten teacher in TEXAS!


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